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Don't Forget to Add These Cozy Slippers for Kids to Your Holiday Shopping List

Michael Jon

Posted on November 03 2022

Does your kid need some new cozy slippers? Here are all of the best cozy slippers for kids from Seranoma!

The holidays are right around the corner. Be sure not to forget to grab some nice new cozy slippers for your kids! With some of our most popular slippers selling fast, you will want to grab several pairs for all the kids on your list before it’s too late.

We love the cutesy designs that some of our children’s slippers offer. The Cookie collection showcases charming bunnies with floppy ears and button noses, along with snuggly bears that look inviting all around the house.

Children will fall in love with these fun designs and warm inner linings. Parents, on the other hand, will love their slip-resistant soles and easy-to-clean outer materials.

Keep reading to hear more about these slippers’ fantastic design features and why they’re this season’s perfect holiday buys.

1. Cookie – Bunny Slippers

There is nothing more classic than a pair of bunny slippers for the holidays. Kids will fall in love with how cute these Cookie house shoes look on their feet. Surprise and delight them this holiday season when they open up a pair of bunny slippers for the first time.

With tufted ears, sleeping eyes, and an adorable button nose, there is so much to love about these charming shoes.

For your kids’ sake, this shoe was thoughtfully designed to feature a back edge that keeps their feet securely in place when walking around the home. Let them run around the house easily in house shoes that offer a durable sole that’s both slip-resistant and resilient to wet surfaces. 

You won’t have to worry about accidents down staircases or falls on the kitchen tile in these children’s shoes. For spills, dirt, and other messes, simply wipe up these slippers with a combination of warm water and a gentle cleanser. Their materials make them perfect for quick cleanups.

Grab a pair in a wide range of sizes and colors, including brown, pink, and rose, and delight this holiday season!

2. Cookie – Bear Slippers

The cookie collection easily offers some of the most adorable children’s slippers. This cutesy animal design features a smiling bear with charming button ears that will shuffle along the house with its wearer.

Enjoy the sounds of delight and laughter when these slippers are given as a gift! With warm insoles and super comfy cushioning, these house shoes are a pleasure to slip on and shuffle around in.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any slipping in these house shoes. With a slip-resistant TPR outsole designed to handle smooth surfaces and slick hardwoods, they’ll stay securely in place on any flooring.

Their easy-to-clean fabrics mean messes are no match for a quick wash-up with gentle cleansers and warm water.

Your kids will love how comfy and cute these slippers are, so snag them for the holidays before they’re sold out! Grab a pair in Grey or Cream and a range of sizes from small to extra large, and let these best-selling house shoes delight all year long.

3. Seranoma Ashley Kids Slippers

Pick your kids up a pair of these comfy household slippers in a timeless design. Featuring a snug fit that wraps around the back of the foot, these Ashley kid's slippers are made to stay in place, which makes them perfect for running around the house and through piles of snow on the back porch.

Are you worried about slipping on hardwood floors or water? Don’t be! These slippers were designed for wet wintry surfaces and feature a durable sole that’s both slip-resistant and water resilient. Your kids will love the safety and reassurance these outer soles provide.

Beyond safety, these shoes are all about maximizing comfort. With faux fur lining, ultra-comfortable knitted uppers, and a plush interior Eva foam, these shoes offer an irresistible level of coziness.

Available in small to extra large and in delightful colors of burgundy, beige, pink, blue, and black, the Ashley has a design and size for everyone.

Want to See Some More Cozy Kids’ Slippers?

You will love the joy of gifting any of these slippers to the kids in your life. From adorable animal designs to classic slipper styles, the cozy warmth that exudes from smiling animals and faux fur wrappings is hard to resist. If you want to get a solid pair of slippers for your kids, be sure to check out our collection of cozy slippers here at Seranoma! 

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