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Growing Trend of Sandals in Kids Fashion: Factors to Consider

Think Shaw

Posted on December 06 2021


Summer is fast approaching, and kids are starting to get excited about the warmer weather. One of the most popular trends this year in children's fashion is sandals! What makes them so unique? Well, they're comfortable for one thing; you can wear them with shorts, skirts or even jeans. Kids slide sandals also come in various colors and styles, which means there's something for everyone. Read more to find out why these shoes are perfect for your little ones!

Sandals Are Comfortable

The most primary reason that we can find why sandals are a growing trend in kids' fashion is that it is a very comfortable type of shoe. Unlike shoes where the heel can dig into your skin, sandals provide an open and airy feeling that allows your feet to breathe. This is perfect for hot summer days when you don't want your feet to feel too constricted or sweaty.

It is worth noting that many children prefer wearing kids slide sandals simply for comfort reasons. Not to mention, they require a lot less work to put on than shoes do! 

They Come in Many Colors and Styles

Another reason sandals are a growing trend in kids' fashion is because they come in many colors and styles. There's something for everyone! You can find them with buckles, Velcro straps, or even no closures at all; the choices are endless.

Not only do sandals come in different colors and styles, but you'll also get a variety of materials to choose from. You can find sandals made of cloth, leather, or even synthetic materials. With this in mind, you're sure to find a pair (or two) of kids sandals girls will love! 

They Can Be Worn with Almost Any Outfit

Kids slide sandals can be worn with almost any outfit. Whether you're wearing shorts, a skirt, or even jeans, sandals will always look great. They provide an air of sophistication and style that other types of shoes cannot replicate.

Plus, they can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion! If you're going for a more casual look, then your child can go with some khaki shorts and a T-shirt. If they need something more formal, then have them pair kids sandals girls with a dress or a skirt!

Sandals Are More Affordable than Shoes

Sandals are more affordable than most shoes. This is because they're made out of less material, and there isn't as much labor required to make them. You can often find a great pair of kids slide sandals for under $30!

Of course, kids are not concerned with the price tag as much as their parents are. As a parent, this should be one of the reasons you embrace this growing trend!

Sandals Are Great for the Beach

Kids who live near the ocean likely enjoy wearing sandals more than anything else. After all, they're perfect for the beach where you can walk through wet and dry sand comfortably!

Typically, kids sandals girls are necessary when going to the beach on a sunny day. The hot sun can quickly add up and take a toll and make it hard to walk barefoot! 

However, shoes are too much of an inconvenience to wear at a beach because of all the sand you get into your socks. If you want a relaxed day at the beach with your kids, though, bring their kids slide sandals!

Can Be Worn for Hiking Too!

Did you know that kids slide sandals can be worn for hiking too? They're a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have an adventure with your little one.

As long as you choose ones made out of materials that do not absorb water, they will work just fine! This is because it's easier to walk in them through wet surfaces when compared to shoes.

Sandals Work Great for School

Finally, sandals work great for school. Many schools have a dress code where kids can't open-toe shoes. However, those who live in warmer climates often don't have to worry about this problem! 

Besides, when the weather is warm and most students are on summer break, it's time to bring that to bring out those cute pairs of girls' slide sandals back out! Even if your child has a strict school dress code that prohibits sandals, there will always be a convenient time to wear them out of school! 

The Bottom Line: Why Kids Fashion Trends Occur & What to Expect

Kids fashion trends are often just as inexplicable as movements in the stock market. Likely, you didn't quite understand what was going on when sandals started to gain popularity in kids' fashion, but now it seems pretty obvious what is going on. 

We imagine that a group of popular kids started wearing sandals and made them look cool. Soon enough, it created a wave effect that swept across the globe. Now, we are on the cusp of a fashion trend that will likely not disappear anytime soon since sandals are also a fashion staple that goes back centuries and centuries. 

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy New Sandals  

New Sandals

There are many advantages to wearing kids sandals for girls, and this is why they're a growing trend in fashion! Whether it's comfort, style, or affordability that you care about the most, these types of shoes will meet your needs. 

However, don't be surprised if your child wants more than one pair because they come in so many colors and styles! With this in mind, it's a good idea to have a few different options on hand. If you want to start your search for new kids slide sandals, be sure to check out our catalog here at Seranoma!

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