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Definitive Guide for Wearing Boots in the Winter: Keep Your Feet Warm!

Think Shaw

Posted on November 01 2021


The winter can be brutal on your feet. It's cold, it's snowy, and it takes a toll on the most critical parts of your body when you're out in the elements. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid being outside during this time of year, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with frozen toes! Check out these tips for wearing boots in the winter so that your feet stay warm.

1. You Need to Avoid Sweat

Sweat is one factor that you need to keep in mind when wearing warm boots for women. Don't wear cotton socks - they will absorb the moisture. If your feet start sweating, this warm moist environment is precisely what makes your feet cold eventually! Opt for warm socks that are made of wool or other natural fibers like alpaca and cashmere. These materials breathe better and keep your feet dry.  

2. Don't Put on Layers of Socks

It may seem counterintuitive, but having extra layers of socks doesn't actually help. Sure, you might initially feel really warm. This warmth can turn into heat, which causes your feet to sweat. Remember that sweat is supposed to help your body prevent itself from overheating. When trapped in socks that simply absorb the moisture, this would be no different than wearing wet socks! If you are adamant on wearing layers, studies implicate that using antiperspirant can help you avoid sweat. 

3. Consider Other Clothing

One of the ways to keep your feet warm is by keeping other parts of your body covered. When bare skin is showing in the winter weather, you are literally watching your heat escape. Therefore, try to put layers on your chest, wear a beanie, and keep as much of your body covered as possible. 

Even with the best warm boots for women, your feet will eventually get cold if the rest of your body isn't also protected from the weather. Therefore, you might instead focus on finding comfortable boots for women that match well with your outfits. 

4. Look for Boots with Membranes

Often times, one of the reasons that your feet will get cold despite wearing boots is because outside water gets into your boots and spreads a plague of cold. To counter this, you should find boots that have natural protection. 

Many warm boots for women will have a membrane in them. This is great because it provides waterproof protection from the outside elements while keeping your feet warm by trapping warm air inside the boot. 

5. Look for Lined Boots

Lined Boots

Another great feature in warm boots for women to look for is lining. If you find lined shoes, this means that the interior of your warm boots has insulation to keep your feet warm. This will help you to avoid considering old strategies like wearing two pairs of socks. 

Lined boots include a second layer or extra padding inside of the boot so that there's an added barrier against cold and moisture - both things which will make your warm boots for women not so warm anymore! 

Just remember, warm boots for women won't always have the same features. For example, waterproof layers might be a must-have feature on comfortable boots for women, but the right components might be too hard to find.

6. Be Careful with Slippery Surfaces

Wearing warm boots for women during the winter is great, but you need to make sure that they're actually safe. If you've ever lived in an area of snow and ice, then you know how dangerous it can be on your feet if there's no traction! Make sure that the comfortable boots for women you choose have plenty of traction.

This way, you can avoid slipping and getting your entire outfit drenched in snow, getting snow in your boots, and so on! Sometimes, traction is the best way you can keep your feet warm in the winter. 

7. Consider the Temperature

Sometimes, you don't need to wear warm boots for women to keep your feet warm. If you find that the temperature is at least 50 degrees and you are just going for a short stroll, using regular tennis shoes might be suitable for keeping your feet warm.

Remember what we mentioned above with the dangers of sweating. Even with the warmest boots, sometimes wearing them is just overkill and will have adverse results, opposite of what you were expecting. 

8. Find Boots That Suit Your Lifestyle

Wearing warm boots for women is a great choice, but you have to ensure that it's actually the right one. If you usually spend your time inside an office building or at home on cold days, there might be no point in wearing warm boots for women! Instead, pick comfortable boots for women with the style you need to accentuate you and your personality. 

9. Keep Them Clean

Warm boots for women might seem like a great idea, but they can also be hard to clean and easily damaged. Therefore, make sure that you keep warm boots for women maintained well so that you don't have problems later on. 

For example, imagine that you go out for a walk and get some dirt on your boots. Over time, this dirt can dig into the boots and create holes. When trying to keep your feet warm in the winter, this will be a problem that you must avoid! For best results, keep your boots clean. 

10. Be Careful Not to Overdo It

Remember that warm boots for women are a great choice, but you still want them to be comfortable. Sometimes, you can wear warm boots too much and make your feet sweat or break out in blisters! 

Make sure that the boots you choose aren't going to cause any problems such as being too hot and bulky. If you do have issues with your warm boots for women wearing them too much, consider changing to a different pair so that you can keep your feet warm in the winter! 

Where Can I Buy Boots Like What is Described Above?

Lined Boots

If you want comfortable boots for women that will keep you warm throughout the winter, you should check out Seranoma. In our vast collection of boots, you can get the fashionable and warm boots that you deserve to help keep your feet warm all winter long! 

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