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How to Choose the Perfect Kids Cork Sandals for Your Child

Think Shaw

Posted on February 22 2022

kids summer sandals

Spring is right around the corner, which means that it is time to start thinking about summer. Buying your kids their favorite pair of sneakers or sandals for this season can seem like a daunting task with so many options out there. With these essential tips and considerations, you should be able to find just the right pair that both fits the style preference of your child and your budget. Below, we will cover the main factors on how to find the best kids cork sandals.

1. First Consider Cork Sandal Sizing

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of your kids feet, how fast they are growing, and whether or not they be able to fit into the new kids cord sandals for long.

The size of the kids cork sandal is important because it needs to fit well in order to provide the best support and comfort for the child's foot. If the sandal is too big, it may slip off or be uncomfortable, and if it is too small, it may be tight and restrictive. It is important to find the right size so that the child can enjoy wearing the sandal and be able to move around easily.

2. Comfort Needs

Kids' summer sandals should be comfortable, this way they can play and enjoy their time with friends, school, and fun activities. If the sandals are not comfortable it will make them less likely to wear them. If they don't like the fit of the sandal they may stop wearing them altogether, which essentially throws your money right down the drain.

Therefore, check to see what kind of comfort features are available. Especially if you intend on purchasing kids summer sandals online. Some sandals offer insoles and additional padding to give the feet more support. In addition, there are several materials used in making kids sandals today, including, canvas, cotton, rubber, and leather.

3. Storage & Maintenance of Sandals

Understandably, it might be difficult to instill values like responsibility and taking care of your possessions, you might consider this to be a good opportunity for doing so. Typically, kids cork sandals are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and treated with water-based stain remover. Regardless, it is a good idea to test a small area first to see if the cork is porous before applying the product to a large area.

Of course, try to pick sandals that will be easier to maintain. One great tip is to try and purchase a darker color. This way, the stains can be easier to spot. Also, flip-flops are much easier to clean than many other types of sandals simply due to having a smaller area of space that needs to be cleaned.

4. Cost of the Sandals

The cost of the sandals depends largely on their style and material. The more luxurious the sandals and the brand is, the more expensive they tend to be. You probably don't want to spend too much money on kids cork sandals, and understandably so.

A good idea is to start with a maximum budget. If your kid is helping you pick out the sandals, tell them what this budget is right away. This will help them to start learning things like budgeting and saving money. 

5. Brand & Notoriety

Although the brand is usually not that important for kids, your child might see things differently. Of course, though, you don't want to teach them to be spoiled and that they will always get what they want.

Start by finding out what the particular brand stands for, what their sandals look like, and so on. After your research, you and your child might together decide that a particular brand is worth supporting.

6. Keep in Mind Their Sense of Fashion

Kids Sandals

If your kid is walking and talking, they likely already have developed a personal style and sense of fashion. Or at least one that is similar to the other kids at school. 

Use this opportunity as a parent to help your kid develop and refine their sense of fashion. To do so, let them help you pick out which kids cork sandals to purchase. This way, you can be sure that they will like them! 

7. Consider the Style of Sandal

There are various styles of sandals that your child might want to get. Kids cork sandals typically come with two buckles that support the ankle and foot and keep in one place. 

However, you might want kids summer sandals that don't come with buckles. For this reason, it is important to keep the style of the sandal in mind before deciding which one you want to purchase. 

8. Try Not to Surprise Them 

Kids often are sometimes very picky when it comes to their clothes and sense of fashion. For this reason, do your best to let them have a say in which kids summer sandals that they want. 

If you surprise your kid with new kids cork sandals that they don't like, you will waste your money and they will likely go through any step necessary to ensure that they don't have to wear them. 

9. Potential for Accessories

Kids summer sandals can also be good opportunities to teach your child important lessons on fashion. By helping your child to select appropriate accessories that are within a budget, you can develop a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Start by adding in a discussion on how certain fashion pieces like sandals go well with particular accessories, and that these may change depending on the event they're attending.

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