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Just in Time for the Cold Weather: Our Best Option with Cozy Footwear for Women

Michael Jon

Posted on November 30 2022

Need some nice and cozy footwear for use on a cold winter morning? Here are some of the top options to check out first!

Cold weather means chilly mornings, short days, and the dread of an imminent flu season. Keep your feet warm and your immune system strong while learning why we love the following cozy footwear.

Be surprised and delighted by the plush feeling of Eva foam beneath your feet and a durable outer sole that’s slip resistant and stylish. Plus, our microsuede design offers a surprising resistance to dirt, stains, and general wear and tear.

For durable styles that stay warm during the coldest days, you can’t go wrong with any of the plush and cozy shoes below!

1. Ariella

Warm. Stylish. Comfortable. The three big cold-weather must-haves are available in one plush package. These clogs are an all-winter-long delight. Designed to warm you up on cold mornings, these faux fur-lined shoes can be slipped on before heading downstairs for that cup of morning brew or before running out the door for that last-minute meetup.

The Ariella has been designed for all-day wear around the house and for outdoor comfort. With water-resistant soles that are durable enough for open-air excursions, these shoes were made for cozy days at home and busy outings.

These clogs offer a cloud-like comfort, featuring high-quality outer microsuede and a luxurious inner foam that perfectly conforms to feet. Available in sizes ranging from 6 to 11 and colors of olive, grey, black, chestnut, and burgundy, these clogs are a comfortable delight.

2. Janet

Designed with materials that offer all-day warmth and comfort, the Janet is jam-packed with luxurious foam, soft inner cushioning, and a stylish microsuede. Eva foam is a must-have in the winter season, as it ensures your feet are perfectly surrounded by custom-fitting foam. There is no other type of foam we recommend more for staying cozy.

Beyond wrapping feet in plush foam, the Eva sole is water resistant and can be taken outside on wet surfaces, snow, and cold winter rains.

Designed with the wearer’s everyday needs, the Janet is ready to be taken from carpeted floors down to hardwoods and tiles. The durable and slip-resistant materials make it perfect for these texture shifts, as the slipper won’t shift around beneath you.

Cheerful and stylish outer linings mesh nicely with the microsuede finish of the Janet. While microsuede can be tough to keep clean, these slippers come ready with specially designed fabric that repels stains, water, and dirt.

Check these shoes out in a Women’s 6 – 11 and colors of grey, black, burgundy, beige, chestnut, navy, and brown.

3. Gisele

A perfect combination of durable outdoor materials and comfy indoor linings, these Gisele boots have it all! With eye-catching details of upper knitted fabrics and stylish microsuede linings, the list of reasons to love them is super long. Plush and comfy materials make for the coziest of blends in this boot.

The Gisele’s specially crafted Eva foam means these boots will form perfectly to your toes while keeping the rest of your feet super toasty. There is no better way to stay warm than to have your feet slipped into a pair of shoes designed to fit perfectly, and that’s exactly what the Eva foam delivers!

Without compromising style, warmth, or comfort, these boots deliver that perfect fit and an incredible amount of other benefits that are suitable for the coldest of winter days.

From being able to slide into them straight from bed to heading down cold stairs with a secure, slip-resistant outer sole, Gisele’s premium quality outer lining means they can easily go wherever cozy shoes are wanted. Take them on your morning walks, grocery store runs, and afternoon meetings. You’ll be delighted at how versatile these soles are and how much warmth their faux fur lining delivers.

In Brown, Chestnut, Black, and Grey, these cozy indoor/outdoor boots are available in Women’s sizes 6 – 11.

Ready to Buy Some Awesome New Cozy Footwear? 

Winter days are already here, and these shoes are just in time to keep your feet nice and warm. The last thing anyone likes about winter is cold toes and chilly feet. It’s impossible to stay cozy when you’re extremities are freezing! But these shoes are ready to invite you into their plush embrace.

With colder mornings ahead, be sure you aren’t left in the cold without picking a pair of cozy shoes this season. You will regret it! With Eva foam that conforms to your feet and durable outer materials that are slip and water-resistant, Seranoma is a great brand to check out for cozy winter footwear.

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