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Momming 101: 8 Things You Never Know About Kids Slide Sandals

Michael Jon

Posted on October 18 2022

Kids' slide sandals are the in-thing as far as children's fashion is concerned. Here are 8 things you didn't know about kids slide sandals.

Kids' slide sandals have become very popular in a short time. They've become the top pick of many kids. Here are some reasons why parents and kids love this footwear

As a mom, you want the best for your kids. This might be why you want to hop on the most popular trends in children’s fashion right now. What trend are we talking about? Kids slide sandals, of course!

Just in case you haven’t got a couple of pairs for your kids yet, let me tell you a few things you need to know about this new fashion wave for kids.

1. They Are Comfortable.

If you’ve never put on a pair of slide sandals yourself, you have no idea how much comfort you are missing out on. These products use state-of-the-art materials and designs to ensure plush comfort all day long. 

Unlike shoes where the heels can be a pain in your skin, kids' slide sandals are made of softer materials, allowing your children to walk more freely too!

2. They Offer Better Breathability

Besides having a more comfortable heel and sole, kids' slide sandals are also open, which means your kids' toes can receive some much-needed air.

Its openness might not be advantageous during the cold winter, but trust me when I say your kids will appreciate a nice pair during the hot summer days!

If not for anything else, kids prefer slide sandals simply because of how comfy they are. Let’s not forget that they are easier to put on too, which is another good reason your kids will prefer them over shoes.

3. Your Kids Love the Colors

You might not know this, but your kids love having things that are bright and colorful around them. Just look at their rooms and see how diverse the colors of their toys are!

The same applies to slide sandals, as they come in all sorts of beautiful colors which your kids will like.

With this in mind, buying them a single pair won’t be enough. You might want to buy around 5 to 6 pairs in different colors so they can match them with their beautiful clothes too.

4. They Match Many Outfits

If you thought your kids' shirts, skirts, and pants could only be worn with  a certain type of shoes, then you're not fully explored all the available styles yet.

Kids slide sandals go easily with practically anything your kids put on, well, maybe except for suits. Other than that, throw on a pair of slides with whatever casual wear you pick for your kids.

Jeans, t-shirts, short or long-sleeve shirts, soccer jerseys, you name it – Slide sandals are an excellent option for any casual outfit.

Slide sandals also offer sophistication and style that other types of shoes cannot copy!

5. Slides Cost a lot Less than Regular Shoes

If the reason you haven’t bought a pair of slide sandals for your kids is the price, then you’ve got it all wrong. This is because kids' slide sandals cost significantly less than most shoes.

Why? Because they are made with more affordable materials than shoes. That aside, shoes cover your entire foot, meaning it needs much more material to make than slides.

Another reason slide sandals are cheaper is that they also require less labor and time to produce. With all this in mind, you might see them as a great footwear choice for your kids. 

6. They Are a Universal Fashion Choice

As a mommy, you might work in a bank or another corporate firm that demands a certain type of dress. But for kids with no professional obligation, their dress can be a lot less formal. 

This means slide sandals are great for them as they can be worn practically anywhere you take your kids. They can wear them at the beach, the mall, family picnics, the park; you name it!

So, the next time you’re picking out clothes for your little ones, consider buying a few slides. They are a solid choice overall for a versatile set of events. 

7. They Are Great for Hiking

When you think of hiking gear for your kids, I’m sure the first thing on your mind will be their hiking shoes. And while hiking shoes can be cool, they might be too much for your kids' tender feet.

Remember that hiking demands a lot of walking, and a covered shoe will wear out your kids’ feet faster than you know. For this reason, getting them a pair of slides would be the best hiking option.

Some slides do not absorb water, so consider getting these when hiking across wet surfaces!

8. Your Kids Can Wear them to School Too!

Many schools indeed have a dress code that forbids open-toe footwear. However, schools are more lenient with the rules. So, consider buying slide sandals for your kids if you live in such areas!

Remember that they’ll be spending hours in class, and you’d like them to concentrate on their studies fully. This will be easier to do when they put on a pair of comfy slides instead of tight, covered shoes.

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