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How to Style Faux Fur Clogs for Different Looks

Think Shaw

Posted on March 08 2022

Fur Clogs

If you just got a new pair of faux fur clogs, you might already be starting to think about how you will style them. In reality, there are many ways to style faux fur clogs for different looks. Depending on the occasion, you can dress them up or dress them down. We will cover some of the latest fashion trends in fur clog slippers on this page.

1. Start by Considering the Top

Try pairing your faux fur clogs with a dress or skirt and a blazer or sweater for a more dressed-up look. Or, you can consider pairing your faux fur clogs with a T-shirt or sweater for a more casual look. Remember, though, that the idea here is that the top you wear should complement not only your fur clog slippers but also your entire outfit. Be sure to consider the color and style of your top, though, as this might be the first thing people look at. Try to make it have a color that works well with your clogs.

2. Consider the Color and Pattern

Choose a color or pattern that will bring out the best in your fur clog slippers. This means that you should look for specific colors and patterns in your fur clog slippers and outfit. If your faux fur slippers have a solid red color, then try to make other parts of your outfit more colorful as well. For example, if you're wearing a white T-shirt, wear a bright red belt or scarf. The idea here is to choose colors and patterns with your slippers that will be able to work well with your new slippers. 

3. Get Creative

Add some accessories and layering to enhance your look when wearing faux. Try going for a more neutral color palette and adding pops of color with scarves, jewelry, or hats. You can also style your clogs with different accessories, such as scarves, hats, and jewelry. Don't let your accessories be left in your closet simply because you want a new pair of faux fur slippers! Pick clogs that will work well with your accessories. The idea here is the importance of creativity when wearing clogs! 

4. Go Animal Print

Mix in animal prints and prints to enhance your look when wearing faux fur clogs. Some accessories, such as animal print jewelry or scarves, are a standard part of fashion among those who wear fur clog slippers. Although faux fur is clearly not made with real animal fur, it still comes with the look and feel of it. Therefore, take advantage of this and put on some animal print!

5. Your Clogs Should Suit Your Feet

If you want to wear faux fur clogs, comfort should be one of the first things you should consider. Do not choose slippers that are too tight, as this will lead to blisters and a blistering condition. In addition, don't try to force yourself into fur clog slippers that simply don't feel comfortable just because they look stylish! Shop around until you finally get a pair of faux fur slippers that perfectly fit your feet.

6. Find the Perfect Match for Your Style

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If you choose fur clog slippers that are a perfect match for your style, you will likely feel fantastic. You know yourself better than most people. Therefore, please don't go overboard when choosing a great pair of faux fur slippers and the clothes to complement them. Stay within your element and wear clothes that have a style fitting to your personality. Stay yourself, and choose clothing and fashion styles that work with your personality. 

7. Don't Forget the Bottoms!

The bottoms that you wear with your fur clog slippers should be easy to move around in and constructed with high-quality materials. Denim jeans, for example, often work well. Remember that your bottoms should be made of natural fabrics suitable for walking as these will ensure you are comfortable as you move about. Of course, comfort is also an important factor!

8. Don't Be Overwhelmed

With all the beautiful varieties of fur clog slippers available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when choosing your favorite. Remember that faux fur slippers are a reasonably priced item and therefore shouldn't be much of a financial burden. There are plenty of options for faux clogs, so choose a pair that you love. Don't take this too seriously, though. You can always buy more! 

9. Don't Be Too Cheap

Wearing faux fur slippers may be attractive but can sometimes be disappointing and not of high quality if you don't spend enough money. Remember that you often get what you pay for in life, and faux fur clogs are no exception to this rule. If you pay low prices, you often get cheap materials that break and/or don't look that attractive. Try to pick a pair that isn't the most affordable but not necessarily the most expensive if you are on a tight budget!

10. Don't Be Too Exact

It's OK to want a pair of slippers that are just like the ones you saw in your favorite movie, on your favorite celebrity, and so on. However, it would be best if you were realistic with your expectations. In all likelihood, the best you will do is something similar to the dream pair you have in mind. 

Looking For a Great Place to Buy Faux Fur Slippers?

Faux Fur Slippers

If you want some fabulous faux fur clog slippers, then you are encouraged to come and check out our inventory here at Seranoma. With plenty of different colors and styles available, you will likely find a great pair of faux fur clogs with us. Of course, keep the tips mentioned above in mind when determining which pair of faux fur clogs to buy! This way, you end up with a great pair that will suit your needs for months to come. 

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