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These Unique Kids Slide Sandals Designs Are Stylish & Distinct

Michael Jon

Posted on October 05 2022

These Unique Kids Slide Sandals Designs Are Stylish & Distinct
Kids’ slide sandals have become a popular trend amongst kids recently. This is not too much of a surprise as they are affordable, stylish and perfect for outdoor events and school. One reason slides are making such a sensation in th children's clothing industry is that they comes in different designs and colors.

The styles for kids’ slide sandals are endless, and each style is distinct. There are strapless slide sandals, and there are those with buckles and other kinds of closures. Kids’ slide sandals are made with different materials, whether fabric, rubber or leather. Your child gets to choose his style and own it. These sandals are one of the best choices you can make for your child's feet.

Want to know the best designs you can pick for your child? Or do you want to present your child with options and have him choose for himself? Read on!

Seranoma Slip on Cork Footbed Sandals


Get your child's feet comfortable with these Slip-on Cork Footbed Sandals. Everything about this kids’ slide sandals design screams comfort and beauty. Its open toe and heel design give it an airy feel and make your child's feet less crammed up.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and makes perfectly stunning summer sandals for the beach. You do not need to worry about your child's feet slipping out, as the footbed is made of slip-resistant cork.

Seranoma Kauai Slide Sandals

This is the style you should be going for when looking for specially designed kids' slide sandals that offer perfect comfort. The Seranoma Kauai Slide Sandals have three straps: two at the front and the third just around the ankle.

Every single one of these straps can be adjusted to fit your child's feet size and provide great protection and comfort. No need to worry about your child's foot slipping out or not fitting properly, all you have to do is adjust the straps to size. The Seranoma Kauai Slide Sandals also come with comfy soles that won't leave your child feeling tired after walking or standing for a long time.

Iris Burgundy Thong Slide Sandals

These slide sandals are a fine combination of ‘thong’ and ‘slides.’ If you are looking for a beautiful summer sandal or a sandal your child can wear easily to the beach, this is just the right choice!

These sandals have a unique design, very distinct. You don't see a slide with this style every day. Also, it is built for maximum comfort. It has one strap around the thong area and a second strap towards the ankle. These straps can be adjusted to fit your child's size conveniently. The soles are super comfy, too, and slip-resistant.

Bora-Bora Slide Sandals


Walk all day in these and never get tired. Looking at the design of this sandal will leave you thinking about how unique it is already. Perfectly crafted from quality materials, this sandal is durable and works on a lot of outfits.

It comes with adjustable buckles and is easy to slip on and off. This sandal makes the perfect footwear for a casual outing, and if it's a little cold outside, you can combine it beautifully with a pair of socks.

Lilly Thong Slide Sandals

right choice!


Seranoma Lily Thong Slide Sandals are excellent thong Slide sandals that scream summer and a good time outside. These sandals come with a buckle that is adjustable but not so adjustable anyway. They are great for indoor and outdoor use.

These sandals are beautifully designed so that they are great for long walks or even a nice time by the pool.

Openheeled Slide Sandals


All black looks classy any time, any day! These Ruby Openheeled Slide Sandals are beautifully designed to style and protect your child's feet. Its design makes it easy to slide in and almost impossible for your child's feet to slip while walking, running or just having fun by the beach.

You can also use this slide sandal as an indoor shoe if you like. However, we think sandals this beautiful should hit the roads from time to time. It isn't just about the amazing design; it is also very comfortable and durable. The soles are designed to hold your child's weight without eating into the skin or leaving an uncomfortable feeling.

Tokyo Red Strapped Ladies Sandals

Here are great kids’ slide sandals for your favorite little lady. It is made with beautiful colorful leather and gives a really chic look. This slide sandal can be worn to semi-formal occasions, birthday parties, and even school.

It is the perfect lady's slide sandals that just fit so many outfits. Combine this with a pair of socks and create a new beautiful look for your girl's feet. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. If you occasionally have long walks with your little girl or you are planning a vacation, you should consider having one of these around.

Discover the Best Styles of Kids Slide Sandals for Your Child

Kids’ slide sandals come in a lot of designs and colors. Some designs are common, while others are distinct, making your child's feet and outfit stand out. If you are looking for the most unique, stylish, and comfortable kids’ slide sandals, you should check Seranoma’s kids’ slide sandals catalog. Also, be sure to read up on why these slide sandals are a top trend.

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