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Why Faux Fur Boots Are Better than Regular Fur Boots

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Posted on May 23 2022

Why Faux Fur Boots Are Better than Regular Fur Boots

If you're on the hunt for a new pair of winter boots, you may be debating between faux fur clogs and regular fur. While both options have their perks, there are some clear advantages to opting for faux clog slippers. Here are five reasons why faux fur is the better choice when it comes to winter footwear.

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First Things First: What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur is a fabric that is made to look like real animal fur. It is usually made from polyester fibers that are woven to look like animal fur. There are also faux fur accessories that are made to look like real furs, such as gloves and headbands. This is why faux fur is also sometimes referred to as "man-made fur."

As we all know, fur is one of the ways that wild animals are able to withstand punishing weather such as cold winter blizzards. For a while, humans took advantage of this fact and skinned animals to make it so that we could be warm.

In hindsight, this was very selfish of us. Today, we are able to avoid harming animals and still use the same idea of fur for warmth to a new level. Known as "faux fur," we now can eliminate the need for killing animals just so that we can have a warm coat, boots, and so on.

Reasons Why Faux Fur is Better than Animal Fur

Today, we no longer need to harm animals just so that we can be warm. Outside of this fact, there are also various advantages to using faux fur. Below, we will cover the top reasons you should buy faux fur clogs as opposed to animal fur boots.

1. They Don't Use Animal Fur

They Don't Use Animal Fur

Sooner or later, we need to recognize that animals are also living beings much like us. Therefore, we do need to cause suffering and death upon them just so we can get temporary comfort. This was one of the main reasons that faux fur clogs started to gain attention.

With a pair of faux clog slippers, you can still have the feeling of warm wool fibers without needing to buy real fur just to preserve heat. Best of all, you can get the same (if not better) level of warmth by using faux fur instead of real fur.

2. They Are More Insulating than Real Fur

Faux fur is often critiqued by critics to be less warm than real fur. However, the only reason that this may be the case is because of a thick undercoat that is also harvested directly from the animal. When you buy a nice pair of faux clog slippers that are well-built, they are often more insulating than real fur slippers.

Contrary to what you may have been told, faux fur is usually more insulating than real fur. The real test of insulation comes not just from the fur, but also from the material underneath the fur. Therefore, don't assume that animal fur is inherently more insulating!

3. They Are More Durable

Animal fur tends to wear and tear a lot more easily than faux fur. This is because the synthetic materials that are used to make faux fur clogs are often more durable than authentic fur clogs. Therefore, if you needed a legitimate reason to switch over to faux fur, this might be it!

4. Easier to Maintain

In terms of maintenance, Faux fur is a no-brainer. The fabric requires less care and attention, and they don't shed nearly as much. Once you start wearing them, they won't be going anywhere. You will quickly see how much more easily than can be cleaned and maintained.

5. More Affordable

Why spend hundreds of dollars to get real fur when faux fur is just as high-quality? Faux fur slippers are notorious for cutting back on the production costs otherwise experienced with real fur. Therefore, those looking to cut some corners and save some money should view faux clog slippers as a good way to save money.

6. Better for the Planet

If you are concerned about the state of the planet, purchasing faux fur is a better choice than purchasing real fur. Although some concerns have been pointed out with faux fur, the killing, and harvesting of animal skins is often seen as a terrible alternative.

For the time being, faux clog slippers are the better option for those who want to avoid leaving a negative mark on the planet. As humanity progresses, so does our technology and means for eliminating potential negatives that can come from the production of products like faux fur.

7. Easier to Find

Lastly, many animal rights activists have a strong hold on various industries. This has made it much more difficult to get your hands on real animal fur than just 100 years ago. If you want to get your new clogs without too much bickering around, faux fur is likely the best choice. You will save some time and avoid the hassle of finding real fur and confirming that is indeed real fur.

Looking For a New Pair of Faux Fur Boots?

Looking For a New Pair of Faux Fur Boots?

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